Here’s a look at just a few of our many projects we have worked on, and some of the clients we have been working with.


mdotdMatch Day of the Dead

What happens when footy stars turn into zombies and take over the streets? Take aim and knock ‘em down with your best football skills in this Angry Birds inspired game we produced for our clients Mousebreaker.com. Play Match Day of the Dead here!

mooo 275x275Mooo!

Roll that cow! Mooo is a physics based game of skill and strategy, all in the name of milk! Mooo reached its first million plays in under a week from its release, and the mobile version reached the number one spot in the most downloaded app for the Blackberry Playbook tablet. Play Mooo here!


bb3Billiard Blitz 3 - Nine Ball

Well, we just couldn’t stop at two - so we made this third game in the Billard Blitz series to address the big thing missing from most other Flash billiards games - opponents!  Based this time on the popular game of Nine Ball, Billiard Blitz 3 raises the bar in the genre by allowing you to play against 8 tricky opponents. We also improved the graphics, giving the balls 3d rotation and tweaked the physics for a really playable game. 

Play Billiard Blitz 3 - Nine Ball here.


billiard_blitz_2Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker Skool

Snooker Skool teaches you how to play snooker through a series of challenges, and lets you practice your break building in freeplay mode. Now played over 30 million times, Billiard Blitz 2 has proven to be a hugely popular game the world over, and has remained in agame.com’s top 40 most played games list for over two years. Play it here.


kinetikz2Kinetikz 2

The imagainatively titled second game in the Kinetikz series - Kinetikz 2! Collaborating once again with Armor Games, we took the original game and made it better. To this day, the Kinetikz series remain some of the most original games around.

Go here to play it.






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